Friday, March 20, 2015

Are you having trouble “letting go” of a memory, thought, or feeling that no longer serves your highest good?

 Are you stuck living in the past and it is preventing you from moving forward in the now? Today I will give you a tool you can use to help begin the healing process of letting go...

                One of the biggest problems I believe many people have with writing some of their most painful memories in a journal is that fear that someone may possibly find it and read it one day, at least for me this has been one of my biggest fears. So how do we get that memory or thoughts out of our head in a way where we still feel safe?  This is what I do, and hopefully it will help some of you reading this as well as it has helped me.

Releasing Painful Memories
The first thing you do is find someplace calm and quiet where you can go and set aside a few hours for yourself if at all possible to dedicate your attention on this process.
Once you are settled take a notebook and begin writing. If you are not sure what to say at first just write every negative thought that comes to mind. As you are writing imagine the pain in those words being pulled from your thoughts and put into the ink on the paper. Keep writing until you can’t write anymore letting go of all that does not serve you. (This can be very emotional and it is not unusual to cry, crying is a release so just let it flow.)

Now, if you have access to a fireplace or someplace safe you can burn something one option is to take that paper and put it into the fire and let those painful memories turn to ash. I think of it as a Phoenix and the constant cycle of death and rebirth, this is the moment your new life begins.

If you are unable to burn the paper for safety reasons you may also tear the paper up into tiny pieces or even place in a paper shredder. If you do that visualize the old being recycled so something new and more beautiful may be created from it! 

Steps Towards Healing

Now that you have released the old it is time to begin the next steps in your healing journey. If you have close friends reach out to them for support, you may even want to consider counseling or a support group depending on your circumstance. There are many Domestic Violence Support Groups as well as ones for addicts, survivors of sexual violence, or even a good spiritual practice or church. Slowly start putting yourself out there and meeting new people. Connect with people you admire and maybe they will become a coach or mentor for you. No matter what you choose always keep fighting, it is always darkest just before the dawn and it will get better! If you are unsure of where to look for resources in your area you may even contact me and I will help you find local resources.

 Even when you feel the most broken, there is always someone who cares about and loves you!