Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Communication styles and how knowing them will help you!

We have so many people here looking to communicate with a higher power for guidance that I thought maybe writing something about learning styles will help people understand how it is that they are having trouble connecting.  We live in a world of instant answers, when we are stuck we reach for a piece of technology and search the internet for an answer to our problem. While the internet can be a fantastic tool and many people have some good tips but the answers we seek always come from within. Only YOU know what is in your heart of hearts.

Now… How do learning styles affect the ability to communicate or inability to communicate? Think of it this way… If you are a person who learns best by feeling and seeing, but struggle when it comes to learning based on what someone is speaking aloud, would you notice a “message” if you heard it? Unless it was loud and clear, most likely you would rarely notice.  The same goes for someone who is an auditory learner. If you learn by hearing, would you understand something you felt? Unless you learned both through auditory and kinesthetic learning, it would be tough to understand. I am going to explain a little about these learning styles and hopefully it will help a few of you.

Hints to recognize what kind of learning style you use and keep in mind, some of us use more than one. There will always be one more dominant than the other.

Auditory Learners: Learning happens best through listening and speaking. Auditory learners may talk to themselves or read out loud or move their lips while reading. They can answer a question read out loud easier then reading it on paper.

Visual Learners: (linguistic and spatial) Learners who are visual-linguistic like to learn through written language, such as reading and writing. They remember what has been written down, even if they do not read it more than once. Users that are visual-spatial usually have difficulty with the written language and do better with charts, demonstrations, videos, and other visual materials.

Kinesthetic learners: Do best while touching and moving. (movement and touch) They tend to lose concentration if there is little or no external stimulation or movement. When reading, they like to scan the material first, and then focus in on the details (get the big picture first). May draw or doodle a lot to help “think.”
Still not sure what way you communicate? OK… let’s take a look at the language you use when speaking. Do you often say things like “I can see what you are saying? (visual) I can hear what you are saying (auditory) I feel what you mean.(Kinesthetic) There is tons of information on the web if you simply search learning styles, even little quizzes to test yourself on some sites.

You may be wondering, “How can knowing this help me?” It can help in countless ways! Here is one example; If you are a an auditory learner you communicate best by speaking and listening so if you get upset you want to talk things out.  Now, say your partner is a kinesthetic learner, they learn by feeling. They may hear what you are saying but what you are saying does not process immediately because they are feeling what you are saying. They will respond eventually, just not instantly like you may expect.  Next imagine a kinesthetic person explaining to a visual person how they feel, as they talk an visual person may see images in their mind of what the person is saying to them. They may see colors or other visuals that connect them with the words being spoken. Do you get where I am headed with this? We all see, hear, and feel things in our own unique way. Some of us are stronger in some areas and weaker in others.  I am a visual and a kinesthetic learner, very strong in both areas, but I get lost quickly just listening to a bunch of talk if there is no visual aid with it. I have to SEE and FEEL things in order to understand them. I learn best by doing something and very little from just listening.

How will this help you connect with a higher power or help your interpret if/when you are receiving a message? Think about it… If you are waiting to “hear” someone talk in your head and you are a kinesthetic person, you are looking for communication someplace it would not be. Why would they try and “talk” to you if you never listen? If you are a visual person you may get flashes of images in your mind. If you are visual and kinesthetic you may hear and feel something. Once they have your attention… when they know you are finally listening for them, and then they will speak.  

So when it comes to communication with friends, loved ones, or even looking for a message from a higher power…. Remember who you are talking to, and remember who you are. Once you understand how each of you communicates things will begin to get much smoother!

And on a side note…. Once you DO get communication from a higher power… it may startle you the first couple times. This is normal… after all it’s not every day you get a message from God, and it may be what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear!

©Stephanie M Goodman