Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Etheric Cords: What they are and why you would want to remove them.

Severing the Ties that Bind
What are “cords” and why would I want to release or remove them?

Cords are etheric strands that come out of one person’s aura and attach themselves to another person’s aura. Cords are formed when there is a significant emotional, psychological or physical connection charge.  Where there is a cord, there is negativity. Nothing positive has the need to produce a cord attachment.

Cords perform the following functions;
An energy exchange or drain
Maintaining a live negative energetic connection with another – even if you are not in direct contact with them or they have passed on from the physical world

  1. Find a quiet place where you can relax and be free from interruptions. Some people prefer to have music playing but I highly suggest that if you do to use music without words. Nature sounds, drumming, Reiki music, or anything without lyrics would be ok.
  2. Clear the space of any chaotic or negative energies that may distract from what you are about to do. Things that work great for this are Smudging with Sage, Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, or using a singing bowl or some other musical tone used for clearing away the negative energies.
  3. Once you have done this sit someplace comfortable and visualize this person in your minds-eye. See them in front of you and allow yourself to see the energetic cord between your souls connecting you to them. (If you need to a photo of the person to look at can be used as well for a visual aid.) As you look at the cord you may have many things going through your mind. Hurt, Anger, Fear… All of these are normal. This is where you need to see with your heart, and not your eyes. Now, ask yourself, “What purpose has this cord has served me?”  How has it harmed or helped me? 
    You may be surprised by the answers you find. If it is a person that has passed on you may be clinging to them out of fear, fear that once that cord is gone, what little memory you have of them will be lost. Maybe the cord was helping you keep the memory of a loved one alive as you were trying to understand how they could hurt you. 

    If it is a person who has caused you emotional or physical harm that is attached to you it could be a cord from them refusing to let you go to move forward or it may be your own guilt. You may be thinking that it was something you did to make that person hurt you, that there was something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you! We cannot control the actions of others as much as some would like to believe. We can only control ourselves and our perception of ourselves and our situation. 

    Are you ready to see things in a new light? Are you ready to forgive yourself? Are you ready to stop letting someone else live in your head rent free? Good! You deserve it!
  4. See in front of you your two souls. Yours and the one you want to remove the cord connection from. This is where I am going to be more specific. Some people believe that simply cutting the invisible cord will eliminate all ties… WRONG! If you only cut a string connecting 2 things together, there is still a string that could re-connect itself with the other end, right? So simply “cutting” will not do! 
    This cord may be wrapped around your heart weighing you down preventing you from loving and trusting fully, it may be wrapped around your neck strangling you and preventing you from speaking up against them for fear of the cord getting tighter.
  5. Now… Imagine that cord wrapped around you and you slowly unwind it until it has been removed and you let it drop to the ground.  Next, do the same with the other end of the cord attached to the person connected to you. Once both ends have dropped to the ground comes the destruction of the cord. Here is where you can be a little creative…
    Some people will simply imagine lighting the cord on fire and watching it burn which is fine, but I prefer making sure that there is nothing left of it to try and re-attach itself. Think of a metaphor for complete destruction… for me I visualize blowing it up destroying it completely.
    This process will sever the cord between you and the other person. It can only come back if you allow it. It may throw you off balance a bit if this cord has been connected for a very long time. An enormous weight may be lifted that you did not consciously realize you were bearing such a heavy burden.
  6. Left standing in front of you will be your image of yourself. Visualize a beam of healing light coming from the sky from the Universe, God, the Creator, wherever you draw your purest form of healing from. Imagine that light flowing down to earth and through your spirit self, filling it with healing energies. It will flow down through your head, into your body and out through your feel back into the earth where mother nature will filter all of the negative energy cleansing it before sending it back out to be used again. Once you feel this process is complete, imagine that new light within you creating a shield around you, an invisible bubble of sorts. Imagine it vibrant, strong and you can even visualize a slippery coating on the outside to ward off future cord attachments.
  7. To complete the process you next need to see your spirit in this new image. You may have missed emotions here…  Look at your spirit and say. “I’m Sorry… I Love you… Please Forgive Me…Thank You.”

  8. The Final Step- It is time to become whole again. Extend your arms and reach out to your spirit and bring it back into your physical body and once complete your arms will be crossed as if hugging yourself. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. Remember. The soul would have no rainbow if the heart had no tears.
  9. Once you have done this make sure to get rest and drink lots of water. It will take an adjustment, especially if the cord has been there a long time. Also, it is very possible the person on the other end will sense what you are doing. When I did this the person called the next day saying they had a nightmare about me. All things affect each of us differently so your experience may be similar of different from mine. 

**This technique can also be used if you think you may have unintentionally attached a cord to someone else as well. In that case in the end you would send healing light to them as well as yourself.

 It is not desirable or recommended to be corded to others and it is always better to run off your own energy and allow others to only run off their own energy as well. 

Think about it – do you really want to be keep supporting someone else’s energy system – if it means your own power is running on less than its full amount?  Cords can leave you feeling drained, tired and down or allow a physical sensation or emotional and psychological pain.
Importantly, cutting Cords can help you move away from feelings of being a victim. You are no longer a victim, and regular Cord cutting can bring you a sense of being in more control of your own life.

Removing the Cord(s)

This comes from an NLP technique that I learned and have modified somewhat adjusting and adding things to enhance the power of the technique. We want to remove the cords and keep them gone. If you are an Empath this is hard to do so the little extra steps help a great deal.

©Stephanie M Goodman