Friday, March 20, 2015

Forgiving Those Who Have Caused You Pain...

I shared earlier about letting go of something that is keeping you from moving forward in life and the next tool I would like to share with you may be easier, or it may be more difficult for you depending on your situation. From personal experience it has brought me peace and healing like I never imagined!

Have you had someone in your life that hurt you so badly that you still are hanging onto the anger, resentment, and maybe even a bit of sadness that comes with it? Are you having a hard time letting go of these feelings to the point where you find yourself sabotaging your current relationships to try and avoid the same pain? Sometimes we have been hurt so badly that we blame all of the new people we meet for something a person in our past did to hurt us. The key to finding happiness if simple…. FORGIVENESS.  We forgive others so that we may find peace, it is not about them; it’s about you! Do you really want that person to have a grip on you preventing you from finding true happiness? It is time to let it go and open yourself up to something amazing!

Here is What You Do:
Write a letter to someone who has hurt you or done you wrong. (This person may be living or already passed on.) In the letter you are to tell them how they hurt you, what they said or did that you have been holding onto for all of this time. Pour it all out on paper and just let it all come out! This may be a short letter however do not be surprised if it is very long. (My first time doing this I wrote 19 pages!) Once the letter is complete this is what I would like you to do:

1.       Share this letter with one or more close friends. After they read it allow them to support you in whatever way needed.
2.       This is where you have more than one option.
a.       Burn the letter and release all of those feeling and simply let it go.
b.      Mail it to the person you wrote it to and let them know how you felt. (optional)

I have heard stories of people who have actually mailed the letters and have had a great response. However this is meant for your healing so unless it feels like that is something you are ready for, burning or shredding it after sharing with a good friend who will support you through this healing process is just fine.