Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Cycle of Letting Go and Manifesting Positive Changes

For any of you that have known me for a while you know that I have always had a love of the moon. There is just something magical about how it lights up the sky at night, especially when it is full. If you know me really well you also know I love to use metaphors to explain things. I’m a visual learner so that’s how my brain works. I am about to share with you something that I like to do every month and the visual moon cycles are my daily visual reminder to follow through. This is nothing new and I know many others who do something similar and we each have our own unique spin so feel free to share or try your own version of this if you like.

1. Every Full Moon I take some time and make a list of all of the things that no longer serve me. It can be a limiting belief, physical objects, emotions, physical pain, and anything else that comes up that I wish to release from my life. I always hand write this list because for me my hand is an extension of my body and my mind and I visualize releasing these negative thoughts from my mind through my arm and on the paper with a pen or pencil as in that moment it is an extension of my thoughts. Never judge what comes out just keep writing as whatever is meant to come out will. When you are finished writing if you choose to keep it in a journal that is your choice however I have a little firepit in my back year and I take the paper out to the firepit, set it on fire and toss it in. This keeps me from re-reading it and imprinting any negative thoughts back where they were just released from. If you can’t burn it shredding is a good alternative. For me the symbolism of burning is like the Mythical Phoenix whose flame burns until it turns to ash and then is reborn. (I love the re-birth symbolism)

2. In the days following the Full Moon as you see the Moon slowly disappear again visualize as the moon as disappearing that all of those limiting thoughts and beliefs are disappearing as well. I like to think of it as slowly taking out the trash. If new things come to your awareness just acknowledge it and let it go. 

3. Once it reaches the phase of a New Moon (where the moon is completely shadowed and looks dark) then I take a pen and paper this this time I begin to write all of the new things I wish to manifest into my life. Always write in the present tense as if you already have it and it is your reality. Start your sentences with I AM… and just keep writing all of the new and amazing things you wish to fill the void left my all that you released. This is something you can write in a journal to keep to remind yourself. It is also a good reference point to see from where you started shifting your thoughts to see when they became a reality.

4. As you did with the full moon with the new moon if any new items come up that I wish to manifest I add them to my list as the days go by. Then on the next Full moon I start the cycle over.
You may wonder why you would want to keep repeating the cycle and I will explain why I choose to. Each and every day the person who we are is constantly evolving and shifting. What may serve us in one moment may no longer serve you as your view of yourself and the world around you changes. Believe me when you start letting go of the crud your views WILL begin to shift. In the beginning it may seem weird or strange but you find as you get more comfortable with the process you have a lot more to let go of than you originally thought.